Tomás Delft

Tomás Delft (1993) is a Portuguese/Belgium designer & artist who works as a creative art director, exploring concepts and connecting art and design to communicate through emotions.

Delft's combination of experience in branding & design, his curiosity for new visual and artistic concepts, and Tomás fearlessness for exploring new projects serve his chase for form, color, and meaning to represent moments of life as a constant medium with which people relate.

His work is an invitation for you to see his world with your own eyes, however big or small it might be your imagination. After having lived in Paris in 2014, he now lives in Lisbon traveling between New York when necessary while he is exploring new horizons.

He claims to be a being of matter charged with the energies of others and this is revealed in his designs and art.

"Everything we carry in this life accompanies us, not only individually but also impacts those around us- the people we interact with daily, those with whom we share our journey. We are all part of the same existence, made of the same matter, and simultaneously, we hold significance for others."

- Tomás Delft

Its form of expression is based on clean and real concepts, which when together, form a solid image of what reality is or a constructive criticism of society, at the same time we are contrasted with windows of different dimensions, so that we can see what we don't see.

Artist Statement

"My lifetime goal is to explore people's minds, as I'm always searching for them.

As an artist I intend to challenge people to think, by doing the right, how and why, as I believe our mind is the only thing that is real, is the propulsor of individual life, the creator behind our identity, and our reality.

The way the thoughts come out I can't control, there is no thinking too much on the way to showcase them, just the only approach for me.

I don't do it for others, I only do it, for me it helps with the mind and soul, to achieve the goal of living, and maybe will help others in the goal of listening.

The mediums I make use of are just tools for a message to be passed on to other minds that will see what their eyes will only see since there is no one the same, everything and the same thing will always be different.

Reality is only real for those who see it, and a crazy will always be crazy before it becomes successful in the eyes of the majority.

The intention of words is only to be intended as good, as the good and bad are perspectives, the intention will also follow that perspective and words won't have the meaning they should.

To be continued..."

- Tomás Delft


2025 - Group Exhibition "Horizon" Paris & NY (to be announced)

2024 - Group Exhibition "Horizon" Madrid (to be announced)

2024 - Solo Exhibition "The Poortuguese" Elisa Rezende Gallery, 8 Marvila, Lisbon (9th May to 7th July, 2.000 visitors)

2022 - Group exhibition "Porta da Frente - CHRISTIE'S" Câmara de Cascais

2019 - Nuba Shouts at Anjos 70 (organizer)

Artists: Nature The Artist - Vasco Reis Ruivo - Susana Lusitano - Joana César

Talks: Susana António (CEO "A avô veio trabalhar") - José Victor (Artist) - Fernando Branquinho (Photographer) - Inês Alexandre (Movimento Transformers)

2015 - Nuba DX Inauguration & Exhibithion at Logradouro (organizer)

Artists: João Nepomuceno (painter) - N'as pas de quoi (clothing brand)


2024 - Canvas Rebel (Art)

2023 - Sapo Lifestyle (Fashion)

2023 - Briefing (Fashion)

2023 - NIT (Fashion)

2023 - Imagine5 (Photography)

2022 - Vogue (Photography)

2022 - Briefing (Branding)

2021 - Marketeer (Branding)

2021 - Meios e Publicidade (Branding)

2021 - Briefing (Branding)


2021 | moment - Delft Agency . Founder & Art Director (previously damm agency)

2020 | 2021 - Lustywall . Co-founder & Illustrator

2019 | 2021 - Forall Phones . Head of Brand

2015 | 2020 - Nuba DX . Founder


2014 | 2015 - Art Direction at ECV Paris

2012 | 2015 - Design at IADE Creative Unniversity

1998 | 2012 - Salesianos do Estoril & Quinta do Marquês