Alejandra Musalem Saieh

Alejandra Musalem Saieh

Born in Santiago in 1966.

She studied Dentistry at the University of Chile and practiced the career until 2018.

At the same time, she has developed figurative painting in a self-taught manner and has been completely dedicated to it since that year.

Painting is approached as a tool for self-awareness, where an introspective process is generated that often allows us to work with the unconscious that is revealed to us through symbols.

Images are created where the atmospheres contain the necessary tension to examine the complex human condition.

The protagonist, therefore, is the human being interpreting different archetypal psychic models.

The familiarity between the viewer's psyche and the images has been happening since time immemorial.

The pictorial work uses universal elements, reinforcing the possibility of some search by the viewer about themselves, engaging them with the presented narrative, producing a kind of mirror effect.

The path to ourselves in visual arts is not a recurring theme, but for Alejandra, it is transcendental and has become one of the pillars of her life.